3D model of Sleek NodeMCU Case by Alessandro

Model Description
A protective case for your LOLIN NodeMCU V3.
It has a sleek design that makes the devboard more elegant and keeps it protected while protecting it from short...Show more circuit when put in a bag or a rucksack.
It was designed to be used as a WiFi deauther and tester, so it has no holes aside from the ones directly above the WiFi chipset, so you will need to desolder the pins to make it fit inside.
The bottom cover then glued to the case, so it is quite permanent once closed, but you can still access the Flash and Reset buttons via the holes on the case using a paperclip or a SIM removal tool.

Keep in mind this was designed for the LOLIN NodeMCU V3 board ONLY.
Any other revision or board may not fit adequately.
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