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Messina, Sicily, IT
Teralab has a fleet of 4 FDM / FFF printing units with 20μ resolution, 1 ...Show moreSLA print resolution 25μ, 2 scanners 3d. We focus mainly on precision printing such as jewelery and microcomponents
Materials: PLA, ABS, Rubber (TPU)
Minimum Charge: $50.00
Shipping: $20.00
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Senigallia, Marche, IT
3D PRINTING (up to 15 micron accuracy) 3D SCANNING (up to 20 micron...Show more accuracy) 3D MODELING
Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS +4 materials
Minimum Charge: $15.00
Shipping: $15.00
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Christchurch, , GB
I have a 3D printer and I'm looking to help others who either...Show more don't or would like a part or two.
Materials: PLA, Rubber (TPU)
Minimum Charge: $9.00
Shipping: $4.00
3.7/5(5 reviews)
Bath, England, GB
FDM Printing - Maximum single piece size 45x40x40cm. Parts can be split...Show more for larger projects. I aim to provide a rapid turnaround and will print overnight if required, I currently have 5 printers so can print your parts simultaneously for very urgent projects. I have experience printing with PLA, ABS, HD Glass, NinjaFlex, ColorFabb Bronze Fill and many more, but can cater to any needs, so if you are after any specific material, just let me know and I would be happy to order it in for you. I can also help you with 3D Scanning and CAD work, send me a message about your project and I'll be happy to hear about it!! If you are looking for a bulk discount, or wish to discuss your project over the phone, please give me a call. Invoices on request.
Materials: PLA, Rubber (TPU)
Minimum Charge: $10.00
Shipping: $5.00
4.9/5(15 reviews)
Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE
Hello i'm Maik and i own an Ultimaker 3 Extended. Fine print results...Show more are essential for me. That's why i only use the best slicer "Simplify3D" for all print orders and a max. layer height of 0.150mm. If your STL file is very detailed i'll use 0.100mm or even finer settings. If you need another color or material feel free to send me an email.
Materials: PLA, ABS, Rubber (TPU) +1 material
Minimum Charge: $10.00
Shipping: $4.90
4.7/5(16 reviews)
Gouda, South Holland, NL
Specialiced in printing Foodsafe products as Cookiecutters and other small...Show more 3d-models (max 22x22x24cm)
Materials: PLA, ABS, Wood PLA +2 materials
Minimum Charge: $24.00
Shipping: $7.00
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Berlin, Connecticut, US
Hi, My name's Kris! I'm running A Davinci 1.0A (nickname...Show more Dave) Hacked to a Repetier firmware And boasting a 100 micron layer height, E3D hot end for unmatched quality along with Z and Y axis stabilizers for improved quality. I'm Ready for any printing challenge you can throw at me. I'm probably the most persistent person when it comes to final quality, As long as you can keep your models within that 200x200x180mm range, i'll do my very best to ensure your model is maintained with the utmost quality. Don't see a material you want me to print on my list? Let me know! I'm always open for buying new colors and materials! If you'd like me to email you a video time-lapse of your print; please let me know. It's a service I provide for free because people seem to enjoy watching their prints being made ( myself included). Thanks for checking out my hub!
Materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon +1 material
Minimum Charge: $50.00
Shipping: Standard Flat Rate
4.9/5(3 reviews)
Kingston, Ontario, CA
Have all of your prints made by a 3D Printing Expert! Prints can be up to...Show more 300x300x400mm in size. Printers are enclosed, regularly maintained and carefully calibrated. I work closely with all my customer to ensure they receive the best possible prints. Layer Heights Low layer heights like 0.1mm are ideal for printing models with fine details. For durability, taller layers such as 0.3mm provide a stronger part. Flexible Material TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) can be deformed significantly and returns to its original shape. The stiffness can be varied by changing the infill amount - lower infill and thinner walls gives more flexibility. It can be used for a variety of applications where flexibility, resistance to vibration, excellent layer adhesion or a form fitting fit is required. Default Print Settings By default, prints are produced with a 1.2mm shell and 30% infill. Discounts (Mention in order) * Customer removed support material Get 5% off when you remove support and brim material yourself. * Returning customer discount Repeat customers get 5% off their order. * Random color (PLA/ABS only) Get an additional 5% off. Great way to save on prototypes! Questions? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Materials: PLA, ABS, Wood PLA +1 material
Minimum Charge: $8.70
Shipping: $14.95
4.8/5(4 reviews)
We are a team of engineers with thousands of hours of 3d printing and...Show more design experience. We are experienced with SolidWorks, openSCAD, and Blender if you need assistance making a model work for 3D printing. We will work with you before printing to ensure that your parts can be printed well, and recommend optimal print settings to get the best quality print. We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of the final print, and we will reprint any parts at no charge or provide a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.
Materials: PLA, ABS, Rubber (TPU) +1 material
Minimum Charge: $9.60
Shipping: Standard Flat Rate
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Centennial, Colorado, US
3D printing, design engineering, consulting
Materials: PLA, Nylon, Rubber (TPU) +1 material
Minimum Charge: $25.00
Shipping: $12.00
5/5(13 reviews)
Making in 3D since March 2016.
Materials: PLA, ABS, Rubber (TPU) +2 materials
Minimum Charge: $5.00
Shipping: Standard Flat Rate
5/5(5 reviews)
Treatstock Grant.jpg20170724_211138.jpg20170724_211153.jpg
Injune, Queensland, AU
3D Printing done on one of our 3 Createbot MAX Large Format printers
Materials: PLA, ABS, Rubber (TPU)
Minimum Charge: $10.50
Shipping: $10.00
Rubber (TPU) 3D printing material TPU is an elastic, oil/grease resistant, and abrasion-resistant material with a Shore Hardness of 95A. TPU Plastic has several applicable uses including automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, and a variety of extruded film, sheet and profile applications. It is also commonly used in mobile phone cases.

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