3D printing has re-innovated the manufacturing process, allowing more designers to bring their concepts to life. It also helps people customize goods so they can turn their house into a home. For those who are environmentally conscious, they can materialize their ideas, which is a small step in the right direction in protecting our planet. 

Use Plastic Flowers Instead Of Lamps

The Still Alive Lights company specializes in designing and handcrafting amusing lamps, pendants, and chandeliers by using laser cutting, 3D printing, e t.c. Their last campaign appeared on Kickstarter on April 17th, and this time their new device is not only fancy looking, but also eco-friendly.
This new lamp model, known as the Solar Flower, includes a concrete base, LED lights, solar panel, battery, and 3D printed recyclable PLA petals. The design is meant to resemble sunflowers, and its function is quite similar too. The Solar Flower should be placed near a window, preferably on the sill, so that the lamp can accumulate solar energy throughout the day. When the sun goes down, the LED in the “Flower” starts to illuminate. Even though it’s too faint to replace a basic light bulb, the Solar Flower works nicely as a night light for a romantic dinner. Moreover, the use of such lights can educate people about the usefulness of solar energy.

The power of love

While the Kickstarter campaign for the Solar Flower waits for backers until mid-May, the Still Alive Lights team continues to work on other cool home accessories, like the Massimo, a 3D printed bear lamp. Unlike the Solar Flower, this one is electric. It has been designed so that red LED inside it shines through the bear’s chest as if it is its heart. 

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Images:  http://www.stillalivelights.com/ 

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