About 3Dadd_Geneva

We strongly believe 3D printing will have a major impact in several industrial sectors. Since 2014 we are committed to help companies improving they development process and boost time to market through 3D printing and Additive manufacturing technology.

Our mission is to spread the power of 3D printing, and use it to promote innovation.

Our services includes:
- Industrial Parts and Jigs for production lines;
- Soles prototypes for Shoe industry;
- Models for Jewelry and Cutlery industry;
- 3D printed prototypes;
- Custom parts;
- Small production Runs.

We are constantly looking for challenging projects. If you have one, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Partnership
Total Employees <10
Year established 2014
LocationGeneva, Geneva, CH


Aug 29, 2019
Printed on: FlashForge Creator Pro
Material: ABS
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Work Examples / Production Process

3dadd Jewelry.PNG3dadd dental.PNG3dadd Hand.PNG3dadd shoes.PNG3dadd ainanas.PNG3dadd Papa Chicletes1.PNG3dadd shoes1.PNG3dadd Heel.PNG3dadd automated pencil.PNG3dadd barzin.PNG3dadd mother day.PNG3dadd muscle.PNG3dadd Proto.PNG3dadd skull.PNG3dadd stuf.PNG3dadd support.PNG3dadd Cutlery.PNG3dadd Firefighter.PNG3dadd turbine.PNG3dadd foca.PNG