About Best Prototypes Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

We are one of the largest prototype&mould manufacturer in China.

What we do:
1)CNC machine.
2) Prototyping (CNC, Vacuum casting, SLA, SLS, 3D printing, sheet metal bending, Stamping)
3) Plastic prototype parts and metal sheet prototype.

We can make various field industrial prototyping, including:
-Automotive and Transport equipment,
-Defense and security
-Medical device,
-Household appliance,
-Consumer Electronics products

Main equipment:
CNC machine,Carved machine, lathe machine, milling machine,vacuum casting machine, sand blasting machine, painting machine, silk-screen machine.

Main material:
Metal material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum alloy, metal sheet and etc.
Plastic material: ABS, PP, POM, PC, PA, PMMA, RUBBER, FG, PVC, PU and etc.

Testing equipment:
Three dimensional measuring instrument.

Gold service will be provided to you!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees >250
Year established 2000
LocationDongguan, Guangdong Province, CN


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Part of the 3D printed machine

Part of the 3D printed machine


CNC-5 Axis

CNC-5 Axis


Optics Parts

Optics Parts

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