Laser Cutting & Engraving

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Service rate $5.00 / hour
Min. order 0 hour
Ship from Brighton, UK
Service ability 24 hour / day
Avg. production time 1 day


300x200 40w C02 Laser

Price is inclusive of material costs. Materials Used:-

  • UV-resistant laser acrylic
  • acrylic based engraving laminate with an authentic metallic finish
  • Reverse comprises of a transparent acrylic fascia with a coloured coating on the reverse side.
  • Thins are an extremely flexible engraving laminate which are ideally suited to applications with curved surfaces.
  • ADA Signage
  • Textures is a two-layer engravable acrylic based material
  • highly flexible UV stable robust film
  • high quality, multi-layered polyurethane film
  • Foil is a thin, two-layer, flexible laser engraving material
  • cast acrylic glass
  • Duo is a cast acrylic glass with one matte and one glossy side
  • Frosted is a heavy-duty cast acrylic glass with a matte, roughly structured surface on both sides
  • LED is a cast acrylic glass, optimized to LED light waves
  • Satins cast acrylic glass
  • Reverse is a transparent, cast gloss acrylic with a coloured coating on the reverse side

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