Service rate $10.00 / hour
Min. order 1 hour
Ship from Slidell, LA, USA
Avg. production time 4 days


Welcome to Deutch Industries!

We can help you get a professional image of your product BEFORE IT IS BUILT!

Things we need to give you the best results:

1a) A 3D computer model (CAD file) of your product or invention

1b) DON'T FRET if you don't have a CAD file! Computer modelling of your object is available at the same houly rate! However, while we can help with rendering, we want you to do what you do best: design! This means we will need a sketch or drawing showing all dimensions of your object.

2) Color and intended material of all parts

3) Intended schedule / deadline to receive images


Or if you're not ready to commit, request a quote and we can chat about your project, no strings attached!

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