Service rate $10.00 / piece
Min. order 1 piece
Ship from Wiesbaden, Germany
Avg. production time 1 week
Incoterms DAP


SMD reflow soldering service for small to medium projects. (1-100 boards)

Pick'n'Place machine:LitePlacer
Reflow oven: puhui T962-A
Polyimid film stencil cutter: Snapmaker with Laser-Module
Solder paste: FELDER Iso-Cream clear (lead-free/RoHS compliant)
Manual stencil printer:  Cybertronica Research CYBRES SP2421

For very small jobs, manual soldering and placement are also available (eliminates setup cost for automated pick and place).

Bring your own PCBs and/or components!
We can also get the PCBs made for you by a local company and take care of component sourcing, but PCB etching is not available

Laser-cut polyimid PCB stencils are made in-house for most projects (max 125x125mm), but for tiny footprints/bigger PCBs it helps if you can provide a stainless steel stencil with the proper cutouts for above mentioned stencil printer.


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