Mechanical Design

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Service rate $100.00 / hour
Min. order 1 hour
Ship from Vacaville, CA, USA
Service ability 1 hour / year
Avg. production time 20 days
Incoterms CPT


Lо̄KKē LABS' core business is mechanical design. Our staff of professionally licesned engineers has experience in everything from explosives, to exoskeletons, to consumer electronics, to airplanes; and we are ready to help you turn your concept into a production ready design. Specifically we offer: concept design, rapid prototyping, productization, mechanical design, trade studies, viability studies, engineering consulting, PCB design, industrial automiation, and microcontroller/robotics programming. If you need a simple part designed and detailed on a drawing, we can do that. If you need to take a product from concept to launch, we can do that too.

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