Laser Cutting

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Service rate $60.00 / piece
Min. order 1 piece
Ship from 5080 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2N2, Canada
Avg. production time 3 days
Incoterms DAT


We are Ember Prototypes, a local fast turn prototyping shop in Vancouver, Canada run by design engineers.

We have a 60W 600 x 400mm powerful and reliable laser cutter & engraver. We can cut and engrave a variety of materials up to 1/4’’ thick and engrave many materials including wood, plastics, metals, stone, and glass. We also have a rotary engraving tool for engraving and cutting cylindrical objects.

Cutting Area:

  • 600 x 400mm (bed can fit 2’ x 1.5’ sheets of material)

Stocked Materials

  • 1/8’’ & 1/4’’ Plywood

  • 1/8’’ & 1/4’’ Acrylic

  • 1/8’’ & 1/4’’ Delrin

  • Paper, Cardboard

Other Materials

  • Foams

  • MDF

  • HDPE

  • Felt

  • Cork

  • Leather

  • Glass (engraving only)

  • Granite, Stone, Marble (engraving only)

  • Anodized Aluminum (engraving only)

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel (engraving only with Cermark)

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