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How to embed the Facebook app?

Treatstock has created a Facebook app for your customers to upload a 3D model, calculates prices and place an order with your manufacturing business directly through the most popular social media platform in the world!


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Step by Step Guide


1. Activate Machines

Ensure all your machines on Treatstock are active.

2. Create Public Page

The Facebook app only works with public pages. If you don’t have a public page on Facebook, you will need to create one.

3. Launch App

Go to ‘My Business Tools’ on the dashboard of your My Services page and click on the ‘Add Facebook app’ button.

4. Select Facebook Page

A pop-up window will appear. Select the public page for where you want to add the application. The ‘Print with Treatstock’ tab will now be displayed on your Facebook page.

5.  Create Button

To make it easier for your customers and double your chances of receiving orders, you should create a button for the app. On your Facebook public page, right click the ‘Print with Treatstock’ tab and copy the link. Then, click on ‘Add button’, select ‘Download App or Game’ and then ‘Use App’. Paste the link and click on ‘Add Button’. 

6. Start Receiving Orders

Your public page will now have a 'Print with Treatstock' tab and a 'Use App' button where customers can launch the app and instantly place orders with your manufacturing business on Facebook. Due to latest Facebook updates, it is now possible to install custom apps for pages with 2k+ followers only.

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