Side Swipe - Voron v0/v0.1 Automatic Bed Probe

Product price $22.00
Ship from Gilbert, AZ, USA
Supply ability 1 piece / day
Avg. production time 2 days
Product packaging Corrugated boxes
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
Incoterms CFR


    Side Swipe - Voron v0/v0.1 Automatic Bed Probe

    Side Swipe v1.5 Magnetic Probe - The Low Cost Bolt On Magnetic Voron v0.1/v0 Probe Solution!

    -Currently Supported Printers: Voron v0.1/v0 using MiniAfterburner direct drive hotend

    Files and Code Available on Github

    Watch it in action of Youtube

    This includes:

    - 1 Servo Probe Deploy Mechanism (Servo, Extension, Fasteners Included)

    - 1 Assembled Probe Block (Microswitch, Magnets Included)

    - 1 Probe Mount Assembly (Pre Terminated Wire, Magnets Included)


    Visual 3D models

    Probe Block
    Probe Mount
    Servo Case
    Servo Mount


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