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Jan 23, 2019
The end product was very good. But they were slow. I ordered on Jan 11th (admittedly a Friday). By the 16th, I still hadn't heard from them so I sent a message. After that message, they said they had printed it and would upload pictures "today". (So had they printed it but not told me, or did they not print it until I nagged them?) Late the next day, there were still no pictures so I messaged them again. They said they had posted pics to Treatstock. Well, maybe they tried but I didn't get them. So they sent me pics in a message and I said "OK ship it". A day later, since they hadn't responded, I asked "will you be able to ship today?" They said they were waiting for approval from Treatstock. *That's* when the pics finally appeared on my account for me to approve. So while the final result was good, it looks like they needed to be reminded repeatedly to get this done, that they didn't upload pictures to Treatstock even after they said they did, and they needed to be nagged to do so.
Printed on: EOS P 396
Material: Polyamide
Review image #532344
Jan 10, 2019
Printed on: Creality CR-10
Material: PLA
Review image #515502Review image #515501
Jan 1, 2019
Printed on: Creality CR-10
Material: Different materials Different colors
Review image #502158