Nvidia released its Jetson Nano GPU hardware that was developed specially for educators and makers. The company claims it allows making AI systems and stands out due to a good price-performance ratio.

What is Nvidia Jetson Nano?

Long story short it is a small computer capable of running complex tasks and neural networks, thanks to 64-bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore processor. With costs sitting at $99 for Jetson Nano and same for the Developer Kit it gained popularity among affordable computers for building custom projects.

How to use Nvidia Jetson Nano?


Jokes aside, there are plenty of projects the maker’s community offers for Nvidia Jetson Nano. Unsurprisingly, Nvidia’s product is tailored to support visual tasks well. Besides, this powerful hardware can be used for face recognition systems, objects tracking, robots and machine learning. With its small size (69.6 mm x 45 mm) the board works nicely for compact projects.

3D Printable cases for Nvidia Jetson Nano and Jetson Nano Developer Kit

With the growing popularity of the computer (there are plenty of times it’s out of stock!) we noticed a demand for custom cases to protect this precious processor. Here are some of the 3D printable cases for Jetson Nano people tend to enjoy:

NanoMesh Desktop case by flyattack

NanoMesh Mini by flyattack as well - it has a nice simple design and can be used completely tool-less.

NanoMesh Mini case for Nvidia Jetson Nano by flyattack printed by PrintingEngineers

Case printed by PrintingEngineers

Jetson Nano Case by ecoiras is another minimalistic version that works well though. Just keep in mind selecting heat-resistant alternatives to PLA to avoid deformation.

For projects that require connecting some “stuff” there is a version of the case from the same designer - Connectors' Edition.

Jetson Nano Connector's Edition by ecoiras printed by Unica Designs

Case printed by Unica Designs

What if you don’t own a 3D printer?

It’s not a big of a deal because you can order a case or another Jetson Nano accessory printed and delivered to you in material and color of your choice.

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