About us

Treatstock is a B2B smart manufacturing platform that provides integrated solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It was initially engineered in 2016 to introduce the advantages of online innovations to offline manufacturing. This idea eventually evolved into providing unique enterprise-level products to help SMB companies operate smarter and more efficiently.

Our Team

Treatstock is a collective team of enthusiastic and talented specialists that have come together to revolutionize the world of manufacturing. We have a diverse range of experts from all over the world including the US, Europe, Asia, Russia, and Australia, and while we are all different, we are all united with the same idea and ideals.

Our Mission

Our mission at Treatstock is to make the process of ordering products and manufacturing services as easy, fast, transparent, and affordable as possible. Today, we provide the most innovative platform for services and financial technologies in the manufacturing industry and want to make these opportunities available to all individuals and businesses.

FinTech, Instant Quoting and other solutions for SMB

We are dedicated to solving issues in B2B manufacturing such as long wait times for price calculations, lack of finance, supplier interactions, unreliable vendors, problems in logistics, and many other pieces of the puzzle that lead to inefficiency and the loss of millions of dollars.

Our B2B solutions include the automatization of order processes, price/quote calculations, online financial technologies (FinTech), smart analytics, and tools for searching and comparing vendors. We have also developed widgets, APIs, and other features to enable partners and manufacturing companies to generate, receive and manage their orders online.

Treatstock is also dedicated to facilitating technology infrastructure for companies to control critical aspects of their business including financial management processes. Since the beginning of 2018, Treatstock already has over 1,500 SMBs from all over the world using and implementing our solutions.