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Embed your 3D Models

Embed your 3D Models

Are you a 3D model designer and have your own website? Using the new embed feature you can now display your models from Treatstock with our 100% secure 3D viewer and sell them on your website. Take advantage of this new feature and convert traffic on your site into sales.

TouchSee - 3D printed Braille

TouchSee - 3D printed Braille

Treatstock is now offering a new feature, TouchSee, which you can find here. We have incorporated 3D printing into helping the visually impaired by creating a way to convert everyday text into 3D printed Braille. You can enter any text and have it made into a 3D file. After creating your file, you can choose a print service and have your new Braille plate created.

Treatstock Security

Treatstock Security

Treatstock has strict protocols in place to safeguard the intellectual property of designers. Our unique 3D Viewer displays a 3D render that replicates the appearance of the 3D model but with the added security that it can't be copied or downloaded.

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3D printed Zoetrope Fidget Spinner

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