Purchase & Return Policy

  1. Treatstock allows the Customer to cancel their order and return money in full before the 3D Print has been started. After the 3D Print has been started, the Customer may not cancel their Order.

  2. Since the product is custom made, we will refund the money only in the case of fault or defect of the 3D Print or in case of non-delivery of the 3D Print within a reasonable time.

  3. Treatstock reserves the rights to delay payment to the Author and the Manufacturer until the Customer confirms an acceptable quality of the 3D Print.

  4. If the Customer places an order directly on our website, they have 7 days from the time the order was confirmed as delivered to open a dispute with Treatstock. If the order originated from an API partner of Treatstock, the customer has 21 days after the order was confirmed as delivered to open a dispute with Treatstock. If the customer does not open a dispute nor communicates a problem with an order to Treatstock before these dispute periods have elapsed, Treatstock assumes that the quality is acceptable and the customer is satisfied with the order. We do not accept dispute claims after these time periods have elapsed.

  5. After receiving the 3D Print and prior to using it, the Customer must ensure its quality. In case the quality does not satisfy set requirements, the User must immediately let us know and attach photos of the 3D Print and original packaging. Treatstock will not refund any payments for 3D Prints that have been used. The User shall be ready to return the 3D Print together with original packaging if we ask to do so. The Customer is responsible for returning the 3D Print, including any shipping costs.

  6. Upon the receipt of a complaint from the Customer, Treatstock may terminate the Order and refund money to the Customer at its sole discretion. Alternatively, Treatstock may request the Manufacturer to print and deliver the 3D Print once more at their own cost, or use another solution to resolve the problem.

  7. Treatstock reserves the rights to seek indemnification for damages from any party who violated this agreement.

  8. Treatstock is not responsible for any broken or unprintable files that are ordered for print through affiliate websites, and for unpublished files that have not been checked by our moderation team. Once a Manufacturer begins to print a broken or unprintable file, the customer can no longer request a refund.