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Affiliate Reward Program

Join our affiliate program. Average earning of our referrals is $1260 per month

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How it works?

Affiliate rewards for orders

You place a referral link to our platform where customers will see and click it

Affiliate cabinet

Customers place orders on Treatstock. We get a service fee from each order and share half of it with you!

Affiliate tracking

Customers return back and place new orders. You get 50% of our fee again!

Where can I promote Treatstock?

On your news website or blog about technologies

Youtube videos

Social media

Forums where you place articles or expert opinion

Why your visitors will love Treatstock?

Customize files by choosing from different materials and colors

Real-time quotes from local manufacturers

Compare prices and reviews to get the best deals online

Place orders instantly with secure online payments

What our partners are saying

"Being a Treatstock affiliate opened up new possibilities for my visitors, and it can be seen in both traffic and feedback. The communication with the guys over at Treatstock is great - they are always helpful, always listening, and provided solutions to all the issues I had. In all honesty, it’s been a real pleasure working with them!"

"Treatstock is great to work with and has allowed Yeggi to provide its users with access to high-quality and fast-working manufacturers."

"Thanks to the affiliate partnership with Treatstock, our users can now find a design from our repository and get it 3D printed in next to no time. They've made placing an order fun and easy to do, and the best part is we get paid for every order made by our referral for up to six months."

User friendly and very informative cabinet

Quick link building

Detailed statistics of all orders from your referrals. 100% transparent and open partnership.

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Join Our Affiliate Reward Program

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