How it Works for Customers

How to Place an Order

Shop for 3D Prints


Choose color and material

After selecting your product (model), you can decide what material you want to use and what color you want your product to be.


Choose a print service

Decide what print service you wish to use. We offer many different print services, and this allows you to choose one based on its location, reviews, and price.



Now for the best part, enjoying your new 3D printed product! If you would like, you can write a review to share your experience with others.

Custom 3D Design


Select a 3D Designer

Choose from one of our talented designers based on their experience and expertise to have your idea created for you.


Place an Order

Discuss the deliverables, cost and deadline required to produce your design and make the payment.


Your Custom 3D Model

Once you receive your custom 3D model, you can get it 3D printed or sell it using our 3D printing network.

Find a Print Service


Upload your 3D model

If you had a custom 3D design created for you or have your own 3D file, upload your model to our secure network to find a print service near you.


Customize your 3D print

For customization of your model you can choose a color and filament you would like to use for your 3D print.


Select a Print Service

Compare print services based on price, print quality, location, and reviews, and select a print service to print your model.