In March 2016, ONO launched their campaign on Kickstarter, introducing their portable ONO 3D printer. The goal of 2 million dollars was easily achieved but since that time there has been little noise about the project. Finally, after nearly a year the developers uploaded a video with a working ONO printer and started shipping the machines to their backers.

Meet the ONO

The 3D printer has parameters of 180 x 128 x 185 mm with a build volume of 72 x 124 x 52 mm. Despite the limited opportunities due to its size, there are some advantages with the ONO which make it a useful tool for makers in everyday use. First of all, it’s really easy to work with. All you need to do is have a model loaded and ready on your smartphone, place your phone in the case of the 3D printer, pour the photopolymer resin, insert the cable to the printer – and that’s it. The printer uses digital light processing (DLP) technology where a light source is used to cure photopolymer resins, which in this case is the smartphone screen. There is also a special resin used that reacts to a visible light instead of ultraviolet. ONO’s app shows a series of light patterns to expose and develop the resin layer by layer. According to the promo video, their mobile application is available for all operation systems, and it can be used with uploaded 3D models or ones found online. The backers will receive their printer for the cost of $99. The resin costs about $15 for a 100ml bottle and the left-over resin can be re-used again. The company offers different types of resins, including flexible ones.

Fights for the smartphone 3D printer

After the campaign had begun, there were some arguments about the technology this 3D printer uses. Some people wondered if ONO’s campaign is a failure, due to the lack of proof that it actually works. Now, with a YouTube video, where the audience can see the whole process in time-lapse, there is less skepticism. However, the proof will be in the pudding when the first backers will receive their printers at the end of March. After this happens, the company will start selling ONOs worldwide.

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