Are you followed around by the upbeat music you hear just one season of the year? Maybe you smell ginger and cinnamon or feel a need to binge-watch Harry Potter? Sounds like the Holiday spirit caught you. No worries, we all fall into this delightful trap this time of the year. And we surely want to spend it doing what we love the most – 3D Printing. Here are some of our picks for fun 3D printed things to enjoy.

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

It may not be obvious but we at Treatstock do love treats. And having festive gingerbread cookies (or ravioli, if that is more up your alley) shaped like Christmas Trees is just classic.

Gingerbread House Kit Card

If you aren’t into cookies (why though?) but still want a bit of that classic Christmas activity, check out tiny Gingerbread House. 3D printed as a single piece, this little toy waits for you to snap the parts and assemble it together. Lightweight and cute, it can be a nice little gift that fits well into a card.

Christmas Cute Little Polar Bears

This fun trio surely needs your attention. Why? Well, it's in the name – they are simply cute. And will fit on the tabletop nicely to finish the snowy scene.

Super Mario Bros. Pixel Star Tree Topper

Do you have a gamer in your family or a friend circle? Then, surely check out this alternative to the good old Christmas star.

Snowman Cookie Cutter

Another classic of the New Year celebration season – a snowman. Doesn’t matter if you are making holiday pastry or recreating Jo Nesbo’s novel – grab one.

Tiger wall Sculpture 2D

Chinese new year is a bit far away. Still, better be prepared for the year of Tiger with a suitable wall decoration. This outline of the wild cat will ensure luck goes your way in 2022.

Polar Bear Christmas Ornament

Don’t forget to dress up your Christmas tree. And these little guys can help you. A couple of polar bears will be glad to join one of the green branches.

Christmas cookie cutters ornaments kit

Tree ornaments are all fun and great. Just like cookies. With this Christmas aesthetic kit of cookie cutters, you can bake the joyful treats to decorate your tree with.

Gyroscopic Christmas Ornament

On the sentiment of ornaments, this 3D printable wins a place on our list, too. While being relatively simple-looking, this ornament actually brings more dimension to your tree decoration game.

Color Snowflake

Simple, yet elegant, these two colored snowflakes can add to your Christmas installation or sit on the tree.

Christmas screaming star from Rick and Morty

Guess how many times we have mentioned Christmas while compiling this list. The tree topper for our final peak is a very accurate representation of that number. This little meme hero will be a good gag or a fun cynical guest during the Holidays.


Have a great Holiday Season!

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