Our team is constantly working on new features to improve the overall experience for print services on Treatstock. Among other things, we have recently added a feature that will help print services to determine their optimal charge for printing. Also, initial results of the two-step certification process to improve our 3D printing network was analyzed and some conclusions were made.

Calculation of Estimated Income

A detailed and convenient system for print services was developed to understand how much they should charge for printing. Our moderators have continually been noticing that print services either set their prices too high or too low for their services. To assist in determining the optimum price for their work, we have created an "Order calculation" tab under the “Material Options” section. Now, when a print service sets a price per ounce or per gram, it is possible to see the expected payment based on a test model with a fixed size and weight. They can then proceed to increase or decrease their rate until they settle on a price they are happy with. We believe that this feature will help print services on Treatstock to better understand their pricing strategy and set a competitive price for their work.

3D printing price calculation tool

Certification for Print Services

Several months ago, we introduced a certification system for print services which acts like a stamp of approval for quality, and allows them to directly download the STL files to print their orders. There are two types of Certification: Common and Professional. A Common Certificate shows that the printer is capable of printing average models to a high standard. A Professional Certificate shows that the printer is capable of printing complex models, with many small details, to a high quality. Many of our print services are yet to certify their printers, and we believe this could be due to the fact that they are hesitant to provide their personal information on the website. These are the requirements of the United States Government and therefore we cannot ignore them. We want to reassure everyone that all personal data is securely encrypted to ensure its confidentiality and safety.

Results of Certification

On one hand, our certification system helps us to monitor the quality of prints, and on the other, it guarantees that all 3D printable files will remain in trustworthy hands. Our statistics show that since introducing this feature, print services with the "quality label" received the majority of the orders. Only 1 out of 10 orders were received by print services that have yet to obtain the certification. So, when you join our 3D printing network, be sure to go through this simple procedure and gain certification for your printers.


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