3D printing is a marvelous way to get things done. So many methods and materials you can try and play with to build anything from a small knob to a flight simulator at home. It helps to learn and create, design products, and make custom-fit medical devices.

But..As many enthusiasts know, it’s easy to end up with a shelf full of T-Rex skulls or armies of Baby Yodas while you’re at it. So, here are some more simple but definitely useful models to make your life more organized.

Some of these are criminally underrated, so show designers some love. And if you don’t have a 3D printer at home, we’ll have your back with our trusty vendors.

  1. Water Bottle Cage by jungletech

    This holder for a water bottle is simple and slick. It fits nicely on the bike bar and fixes with a couple of screws to hold it in place. The author split it into 3 pieces for easier printing but you need to make sure your bottle fits the diameter (which is dancing around 3 inches).
  2. Bicycle Bottle Cage / Holder by PretEnGineering

    As an alternative to the first bottle holder, you can explore this design. While they look similar, this one does have an opening on the side, which might work better for your style of a bottle (or flask).
  3. VW Bus Marker Holder T1 (Remixed) by Likwidmetal

    Why have a boring tabletop holder if you can have a Volkswagen right at your table? This model is a remix that gives a lower look to the original. The holder fits markers, pens, and other writing appliances, all while looking sleek.
  4. The Bicycle Bubble Machine by heinzdrei

    What? Fun things are also useful, we can prove it. This little contraption will be good for photoshoots or bike rides with kids. So, you can combine healthy time with joyful bubbles. This model is designed to work without batteries and fit on a luggage rack. The project will require some extra tools (a piece of wood, screws, drills, and some sewing accessories) but the result is truly worth it.
  5. Better Child Protection Outlet Cover by jasonwelsh

    With this Thing the name says it all: the model helps you to protect kids from open electrical outlets. The protector has a tightly fitting cover, that you close to prevent curious little ones from exploring the concept of voltage far too early. This designer also offers it in their Etsy store, which is a great way to support them.
  6. 5L Bottle Funnel by dan241297

    This little helper is created for rectangular bottles and fits a 5 Liter volume. For car owners, it’s a useful thing to keep on hand for refilling antifreeze, screenwash, or gas. Better aim and fewer spills - that’s what we love. Though we recommend double checking the sizing when printing to ensure typical canisters in your area will fit as commenters report some troubles when used on German bottles.
  7. German Power Outlet Dust Cover by grumbel

    This Thing is for our Europe users, who prefer their outlets clean and free from dust. The design is super small and simple and helps to avoid anything (and everyone) from going into the outlet.
  8. Sunglasses Car Sun Visor Clip by trevorlong

    To keep your sunglasses handy and organized in a car, check out this design. The clip is small and universal but it makes sure you as a driver have visors on hand for that sunny weather. Drive safely and never lose your glasses in a car again.
  9. Levitan - permanent magnets static floating toy by nenoff

    This toy is probably less useful than other models on our list. However, it was so cool looking that we couldn’t just pass by. It’s a fun tabletop demonstration for a floating effect created by magnets opposing one another. 3D print these pieces and add 12 magnets (10 x 3 mm) to complete the project.
  10. Shopping Cart Phone Holder by Ratm3at

    Planning your grocery shopping on a phone app is super convenient. But handling your cart, phone, and products all at once might be tough. Check out this little Thing to solve this issue once and for all. This particular model fits small carts in Walmart and other stores and works for different phone models.
  11. Beer Crate battery holder AA/AAA/9V/18650 Stackable by Marzochi

    Tired of batteries running wild in your drawers? Check out the holder from this designer. They’ve included several versions, so you can bring order to your AA and AAA batteries.
  12. Geometric open side Dice Tower with Base & Tray by FresnelTHz

    Here is an easy yet stunning-looking thing for tabletop gamers. The dice tower prints in one go without supports or troubles and allow you to see the dice roll. The author also has a version without a base. But this one features a small tray for catching dice.
  13. Car Seatback Trash Bag Hooks by YoungBuck

    Some of us spend a little too much time in a car. And we get used to doing lots of things there from having a quick coffee break to long trips over several days. Save some space, while keeping your car clean with a pair of seat hooks to fit a trash bag on.
  14. 3D Printable Bike Brake by MikePrintsFood

    This Thing is not for everyone but saves it in your bookmarks just in case! A lot of bikes feature plastic brake handles, which can crack or wear over time, especially if you fancy faster ridings. This replacement part can save you some time and headache in that troublesome situation.
  15. Center Finder/Gauge by wiredog

    For this little helper, the name also says it all - the device helps to find and mark a center. It is made specifically for round surfaces and helps when you do to be precise with your drilling. So for your next repairment or a house improvement projects, grab the center finder to help yourself.
  16. Sauce / Dip holder for car (Ventilation Suspender / Clip) by KindOwl

    Let’s not deny it, we’re all tempted by bad foods from time to time. Maybe that’s why we also like to enjoy them in a car on the go. So, here is a Thing for your favorite dips that snaps onto a vent, while you enjoy that nuggies.
  17. Bicycle Front Light Mount (32mm and 22mm handlebars) by creamywhite

    Once you eat your junk food in comfort, you may want to lose all that extra calories through a bike ride. To be safe in dark, grab this extension to mount your light on. The Thing includes versions for 32 and 22 mm handlebars, so measure which one suits your bike the best. Or, as an alternative, check the flashlight holder below.
  18. Setaria lamp by toolmoon

    This user designed a creative upgrade for a lamp that looks absolutely beautiful. The mix of 3D printed parts and a wool piece transforms a simple bulb into a blossoming setaria. To complete the project you will also need to grab a tBulb, a lighting kit for DIY lamps. Potentially design can be used with other similar kits but we’d recommend checking the dimensions if you plan to use an alternative.
  19. Bike FlashLight Quick Release Mount by mandy2tom

    This mount helps you fix a flashlight onto a bike for late rides. A quick release feature allows you to easily take the light out, too. The model is designed for a light from Costco, 200 lumen Tecklite. The designer suggests it will work for the US and Liberia bike lovers.
  20. GT86/FRS/BRZ center console organizer by ezeckner

    A car organized by this designer fits a 2013 Scion FRS. They say it should also fit a Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86. The model has a cup holder and several slimmer slots for your belongings. Keep all necessary things close by, so they never get lost in your car.

We hope our list turned out to be useful for you or at least inspired to tidy up that everyday stuff surrounding you! In the meantime, we’ll make sure to find and bring you more useful 3D printing ideas. You can also send us your suggestions for the list.

Cover image credits: Creative Tools

All images in the list are from the original Thing designers.

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