Product price $18.00
Ship from Calgary, AB, Canada
Supply ability 2 pieces / day
Avg. production time 2 days


Laptop Stand - 14"

Unique Custom 3D Printed Laptop Stand!

This stand is perfect for creating a cleaner and more ergonomic work station.

This laptop stand features a minimalist yet elegant design for laptops up to 14 inches in size. There is also a 15 inch design variation available. These designs also have a crosslink feature that provides additional strength and stability. Additionally, each stand is equipped with non-slip rubber feet.

Being designed and printed in-house allows us to offer several custom colour pairing options. Mix and match a primary colour for the stands and a secondary colour for the crosslink!

Basic Dimensions:

(14 inch design)
Length: 7 inches (178 mm)
Width (with crosslink): 8 inches (210 mm)
Height: 3.9 inches (98 mm)
Stand Angle: 30 degrees

(15 inch design)
Length: 9 inches (235 mm)
Width (with crosslink): 9 inches (235 mm)
Height: 4.3 inches (110 mm)
Stand Angle: 30 degrees

Please note that this ships in 3 pieces and will require minor assembly.

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