Professional Industrial Grade SLA 3D Printer | 355nm | UV Curing

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Ship from Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Supply ability 45 units / day
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    Professional Industrial Grade SLA 3D Printer | 355nm | UV Curing

    About Magforms:

    Founded in February 2015, Magforms is a leading high-tech enterprise which focuses on industrial grade SLA 3D printers and photopolymer resin development and manufacture. It is a pioneer of 3D printing service and 3D products manufacturing. SLA 3D printers developed by us can reduce the disadvantages of 3D printing industry and make more industry improve their productivity by using 3D printing technology.

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    ItemUltra D450
    Build Envelope Capacity (mm)450 x450 x350
    Slicing Thickness0.05-0.15mm
    Scanning Speed12m/s (Maximum), 6-10 m/s (Tipical)
    Machine Size (mm)1350 x 1110 x 1810
    LaserSolid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO4
    Weight (kg)840
    Scanning MethodVariety size laser beam


    Advantage of our 3D printer:

    - Variety of laser beam spots for printing is available, provides high printing speed and smooth printing surface.

    - We use high quality hardwares on the machine, such as Panasonic Servo, Scanlab galvanometer, Advanced Optowave Laser, Omron hardware etc...

    - We provide one stop shop service, our resin is fully compatible with our printer, which guarantees a high performance resin performance and very reliable after-sale service.

    - We provide a full training course and documents to customer to ensure that the customer will be able to operate the machine by their own very smoothly.