Product price $185.00
Ship from Santa Ana, CA, USA
    Color Options
    Olive, White
    Length available
    150 ft., 250 ft., 500 ft. and 1,500 ft.
    Breaking strength
    900 lbs
    Non-stretch woven polypropylene


    Tree Guy Tree-Tie Webbing in Olive Green (1,500 ft. Spool)

    This non-stretch polypropylene webbing repels water, making it mildew resistant and a cost-effective solution to other materials. Tree Guy Tree-Tie webbing is suitable for damp conditions and is environmentally friendly.

    • 3/4" wide non-stretch woven polypropylene Tree-Tie Webbing
    • Color: Olive Green (also available in White)
    • Available in: 150 ft., 250 ft., 500 ft. and 1,500 ft. spools
    • Breaking strength: 900 lbs
    • Weight: 6.14 LBS