Product price ≥ 1 piece at $43.32/pc.
≥ 6 pieces at $38.99/pc.
≥ 11 pieces at $35.09/pc.
≥ 25 piece at $31.58/pc.
    Base Materials
    PL Class C Rigid Photoluminescent
    Mounting Options
    Mounting holes (adhesive tabs available for purchase)
    14.00" x 10.00" (DTV)
    Outdoor Durability
    Not Recommended
    Water Resistance
    Chemical Resistance
    UV Resistance
    Not Recommended
    Service Temperature
    0°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)


    Fire Extinguisher Sign

    The Clarion W4 material is a rigid ISO 17398 Class C photoluminescent sign material. Non-toxic and nonradioactive, the signs and markings Clarion makes with this material help people to quickly and efficiently locate equipment and egress paths, thereby reducing risk. We recommend mounting Clarion W4 material on flat surfaces.

    Specification Compliance

    • Clarion standard designs meet ANSI Z535.1-2011 Standard for Safety Colors

    • UL 1994: Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems

    • NYC Building Code Reference Standard RS 6 – 1

    • ISO 17398 Safety Colors and Safety Signs – Classification. Performance and Durability of Safety Signs

    Expected Life

    Indoor: Long term Outdoor: Not Recommended