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Shop 3D Models by Luke Johnson

Tiki Sunglass Holder
Small Funnel
Funnel with 45 Degree tip
Sine Wave Coaster
Spiraled Sphere
Square Coffee Scoop
Pressure Lifter
Swivel Eye - Print in Place
Tough Cube Enclosure
Tiny Test Trophy
Tribal Mask
Tiki with Bug Out Eyes
Two Tiki Desk Organizer
Adjustable Sensor holder
Sensor Mount 1/2 inch
Air Duster Rocket
Air Duster Missile
Air Duster Retro Rocket
Air Duster Retro Rocket V2
Large Hexagonal Handle
Large Round Handle
Small Handle for Screwdriver
Woodworking Tool Handle
Tiki Tool Handle
Container 2
Container 2B - Threaded Lid
Twisted Sphere 6
Twisted Sphere 5
Twisted Sphere 2
Twisted Sphere 1
Spheriod 3
Spheriod 1