Toothless Herb Grinder 1.0 by 420-threed

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I've been meaning to design & print a working grinder that doesn't leave bits of plastic in the mix....

Saw a design that took from flour mill...Show more grinding plates, read the reviews, it sounds as though it needed another iteration / quality control check.

Improving upon the original, I've produced a similar design for you lovely, smokey printer fanatics - print in wood pla for a fantastic finish!
It literally pulverizes and obliterates evenly up to 2g of herb within three turns.

Please read the Print settings and see the image for assembly guidelines.


For a complete gRINDER you will need to print:

1x Top Case

1x Bottom Case - Leaf OR Heart (the Heart is a TM of 420ThreeD)

1x Grinder

Print the Case's together on 2xshells 0%infill

Print the Grinder file separately: 3xshells 15%infil (min), top layers: 5

I cannot stress the 3x shells and 15% MIN infil enough, you don't want a holey print.

Although over 25% is EXCESSIVE and it just wastes filament / time / money.
15% is great
Happy Slicing!
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