Positive Polyhedral Dice Mold with Labels

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This is a remix of Mari_Makes mold design. I added a dice type label to the inside of the mold so the silicone is labeled when it comes out of the mold....Show more There's 1 file for each of the 7 dice types

From Mari_Makes:

This mold can be used to create silicone molds which can be used to create Handcrafted DnD Dice. The design is inspired by a video about dice making from Die Würfelschmiede.

Print the model with the flat side down, the model does not need to be printed with support to reach create the mold since the top layers will touch the silicone.

Attach a die with hot glue to the peg. Place the peg inside the mold. The molds do not fit together perfectly, please apply painters tape to the sides of the mold to prevent the silicone from leaking.

First, pour the silicone into the mold and wait for it to cure. Remove the peg and cut out the original die. Turn the mold upside down and pour the epoxy resin into the mold. There is no way for the air to escape so it helps to massage the mod when filling it to help the air espace.
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