Churchill VII 1 1:200 by wilhelm-hilg

Model Description
Churchill Mk VII (A22F) (1,600 produced, together with Mark VIII)

The second big redesign, the VII used the 75mm gun, was wider and carried much more armour,...Show more 50 percent thicker at the front than a Tiger I, giving it the ability to withstand massive amounts of punishment.[55] It is sometimes called the Heavy Churchill and was re-named "A42" in 1945. This version of the Churchill first saw service in the Battle of Normandy and equipped three Royal Armoured Corps regiments in western Europe, one in Italy and with 7th Royal Tank Regiment in Korea. The Mark VII was designed to be able to be converted into the Crocodile flame-throwing variant without major modification.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Skala: 1:200
Geliefert in zwei Teilen
Material: Resin, nicht hohl
Schichthöhe: 0.05mm
Unbemalt, Ohne Supportstrukturen (ausser sie dienen der Stabilität beim Transport), ausgehärtet
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