Grotesque Mayan Urn by Tom_3dmodels

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3D model of prettysmallthings. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Captured with 123DCatch at the American Museum of Natural History. Edited and...Show more ready for 3D Printing.

"Modeled and incised pottery of many distinctive kinds is found at Maya Lowland sites. The large urn in the center, from the southern part of the region, has the characteristically grotesque face of much Maya sculpture."

Captured through a glass case at AMNH. Clean Glass + Few Obstructions + Good Lighting + No Glare = Success! Edited out excess geometry, then quartered the design. Mirrored on both the x and y axis in Blender, and joined by filling faces and loops manually. Nose re-sculpted for better printability, a few creases enhanced, a few bits smoothed out. Flattened top & bottom.

MayanUrnHollow: Ready for printing and hollow for all your all-purpose-grotesque-urn needs
MayanUrnSolid: Ready for printing, but solid.
MayanUrnScan: Unedited scan file
MayanUrnCatchData: Photosets & 123D Catch scene files.
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