V-12 motor by lauren_3ddes

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3D model of sirmakesalot. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Someone said V-12 and I heard you! This one is very simmilar to my V-8 but with...Show more the addition of a modular section that allows you to make any size; want a V-24? no problem, want a V-6 ? You got it! Perhaps something strange like an in line-8 or 6...weird! Motor on demand!

There is a complete single tray file for those who have the printer footprint for it other wise single part types per tray for colour printing and I have added the source file so you can play, enjoy!

I am printing one today (started 11:30 am Sunday) I will have pictures tonight!

All done! 7.5-8 hours of printing time and 15-20 minutes to assemble.

UPDATE I have added a larger piston. It should fit a bit tighter but requires good settings.

Skeinforge settings were; 0.3 layer height, 1 extra shell, 100% infill, reverse on for 75-78 ms. This allowed for strong manipulatable parts.
Print each tray in your desired colour
Assemble the pistons and connectors small end with 3mm filament
Assemble the baddest ass crank shaft ever! It is symmetrical based off a center link piece, just be sure to put the pistons on as you go two per space (leave the end pins out till last)
Put your desired linear cylinder configurations together with hot glue, acetone, melting what ever works for you; I like Krazy glue (it's crazy with a K!) Don't glue it in the V configuration yet! You wont be able to get the piston/crank assembly in other wise.
Slide the entire piston/crank assembly in one side of the cylinder assembly then the other.
Glue it together in the V configuration. Take note of the rounded corner, that is meant to be the finished edge.
Once the glue has dried insert the rotation pins in the ends of the crank shaft
then the crank handle
Rev it up!
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