Barbarian tent by Leader3dmode

Model Description
3D model of terrain4print. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is two versions of a barbarian tent, one with some decorations on the...Show more outside and one without. Use for barbarians of all worlds. The cupola of stitched together hides are held up by wooden beams.
I print these with 5% infill.

The easiest method of painting them is to give them a light brown coat. Do several layers until it covers. Paint wooden details light gray. Give it a black wash (thinned paint). The tent is now battlefield ready. To make it more interesting, drybrush the whole tent lightly with light gray, this makes the seams stand out. Paint all the decorations with different colors. You can also paint the hides in different shades of brown and gray.

Mirror and scale the piece for more variation.
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