250x150x4 mm Chopping Glass holder for Replicator by Lesley_3ddes

Model Description
3D model of aubenc. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

I found such a thing in a store for 1.49 EUR and I couldn't resist to give it a...Show more try.

It works amaizingly well (with some limitations) together with the cheapest strong fix hairspray (Laca Isabel: 2.09 EUR in the same store).

This thing is not parametric, sorry.

I have no idea if it could be suitable for other printers than the Replicator Dual where I am using it.

Mind the zero height of the Z stage!!

Because the glass (I got) is 4mm thick you'll need to either install the build platform 4mm lower or trigger the Z end-stop 4 mm earlier! I use some glue and a 4mm piece of wood in the back of the Z stage.

Limitations: for a Replicator Dual, the clips are in the (possible) way of the nozzels!! Extra care has to be taken at zeroing the Z (start of each print). I just place the clip in the right-back corner some 10mm to the front.

Use ABS! and give it an acetone/acetone-vapor bath.

The parts will warp due to the heat of the build platform but this should no be severe enough to have any bad consequence.

Do not use PLA! unless you'll never use the heated build platform.
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