Shower Head MK1 by A.I.M.E.E.

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3D model of mr_megatronic. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Are you looking for a fairer faucet? Let me be your angel, Charlie!

This is the...Show more first revision of a shower head intended to screw on to a standard 1/2" threaded shower pipe.

Pressurized water is a tricky thing to deal with; especially with 3D prints. The nozzles on this are designed to keep turbulence low and under adequate pressure, the taper on the business end of the hole should keep the water stream solid. They are pretty small holes so they will likely close up a bit when printing but when you use a pushpin or paperclip to check them, they should be just the right size in the end.

UPDATE! I just installed my prototype and D'OH! I had the thread going the wrong direction! Still, I muscled it on and it sealed alright. The holes were closed shut after the print and once the plastic cooled, they were hard to open with a pin. Still, It works pretty darn well! There was some water that seeped through the layers and I'm certain water will become trapped inside the head but if you print at .2 or even .1 mm layer height, print it pretty much solid and maybe dunk it in acetone for a second or two, it should be nice and watertight!

I updated the file with the correct thread and fewer/larger holes.

Spray away!

1) Print shower head nozzles-down. My prototype was printed with a layer height of .27 mm, 20% infill and 3 shells in white ABS plastic.

2) Use a pushpin or small paperclip to excavate and true the holes of each nozzle.

3) Press a 1/2" faucet gasket to the mating surface of the interior of the threaded neck.

4) Layer Teflon piping tape on the threads of the shower pipe.

5) Firmly thread and twist the shower head on the pipe until you feel it press into the gasket.

6) Cinch it down with about a quarter-turn of pressure. Remember this is plastic, don't over-tighten as you can strip the threads or split the layers.
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