$ Dollar Sign Poker Card Capper by Ella_3dmodel

Model Description
3D model of uwcharlie1983. The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This a weighted poker card capper. It is placed on your hole cards during a hand...Show more to make sure they are not accidentally folded. The base is designed with the same diameter (39mm) as a standard size poker chip so this will stack perfectly on your chips when not in use.

This design is of a US dollar sign.

--- Printing ---
1) Print one each of the parts.
2) I printed the holder (upside down) and base with line support material spaced at 4.5mm.

--- Assembly ---
1) The holder is designed to have 4 nickels placed inside of it as ballast prior to it being snapped into the base.
2) With the nickels inside the holder snap the base over the top of it.
3) Slide the longer end of the dollar sign vertical lines into the base. These ends are chamfered to make them easy to slide into the base. The parts are designed to stay together without glue, but you can add a few drops if you want to guarantee they never come apart.

Printer brand:

Ultimaker 2



0.1 mm

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