Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber by that_guy_wit

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3D model of casestudyno8
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

The lightsaber of the Grand Inquisitor from the first season of Star Wars:...Show more Rebels!

One side of the assembly is able to swing over to the other side just like in the show! Sadly, no rotating blades of death though.

Be sure to print:
2 Emitter Shrouds
2 Lower Emitters
2 Middle Emitters
2 Upper Emitters
2 Emitter Guard A's
2 Emitter Guard B's
1 Outer Rotation Chamber Left
1 Outer Rotation Chamber Right
1 Inner Rotation Chamber Left
1 Inner Rotation Chamber Right
2 Small Red Buttons
2 Large Red Buttons

All of the STLs are in the orientation I printed them. Personally, I printed the Outer Ring Right and Left, Inner ring right and left, Outer Rotation Chamber and Middle Grip with support generated in Cura. Feel free to play around with those tricky parts.

If you want to swing the outer ring to the other side I would recommend reinforcing the outer rings' joints with glue. There are some tricky parts to this hilt and there are a lot of pieces but the result is super cool!
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