Corvo's Mask by Vinessa_3dst

Model Description
3D model of intentional3d
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

A full scale wearable model of Corvo's mask from Dishonored. The mask is a...Show more high-poly model based off of the in-game mesh.

All of the parts should be printed with supports. In addition to the printed parts you will need:

-Extra filament
-Super glue

-Paperclips (optional)
-Rubber Bands (optional)
-Fabric (optional)
-Scissors (optional)
-Gold and/or Black Paint (optional)

To construct the model, I recommend that you download the file with the assembled mask and open it in a 3D-modelling software of your choice. You can use that model to get a better view of how the pieces fit together. Check the gallery for an image showing how to cut the fabric. The wires in the mouth are made of flexible filament.
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