Buffing/Polishing wheel for Drills by Alexander_3d

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3D model of turbo_sunshine
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This tool is intended to be used to polish/apply wax to cars with the help of a...Show more battery drill.

The stem is 10mm (0,39 Inches), the primary disc diameter is ~70mm(2.76") , and with the extension disc its ~100mm (3.94").

Prints fine with 0.2mm layer height, however good layer adhesion is important for the tool to be durable (using a thicker wall thickness, higher temps and lower print speeds for the stem is a good idea).
The extension disc is printed in flexible TPU, this is to allow the use of cloths on not flat surfaces.

Was designed to work with the "SONAX 417141 Sponge Applicator" however should work just fine with any other sponge that is ~105mm in diameter, and ~17mm thick
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