Tank Trooper Helmet Star Wars Rogue One by Rebecca_3dde

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3D model of killonious
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Updated Tank Trooper Helmet with less steep sides. The parts are of the new Helmet...Show more now "v3".

Added picture of the front of the helmet with the updates.

I left the "old' complete helmet model on the page "v1".

I changed the pitch of the sides of the helmet. As some people pointed out the pitch was too steep. Thanks for the feed back. I will update the models once I finish breaking up the helmet to printable size.

Note : Model "v3" is the tank trooper helmet with the less of a pitch on the side pieces. I will break up model and update page.

As always Geoffro has created a much more accurate Tank Trooper Helmet. I hope one day i will be at his level.

This is a Imperial combat assault tank pilot or tank trooper helmet. I have not printed it out but will be printing it out and posting pictures very soon.

This helmet was designed in Fusion 360 using reference pictures from the movie and internet.

I know this is not 100% accurate but it is as close as i can get with my skills.
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