"Wyrd" Elephant Compliant Mechanism by Jimmy_3d

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This design was developed by the Compliant Mechanisms Research Group (CMR) from Brigham...Show more Young University (BYU).

A Wyrd mechanism is a compliant mechanism that has motion similar to a double parallel mechanism.

The mechanisms are examples of how compliant mechanisms can be used to create specific desired motions. The coupler point rotates but does not translate, as if the point were pinned to ground but it is actually unconstrained. The mechanism workings are disguised by integration with various shapes (in this case, animals).

The compliant mechanism topology was developed by the BYU CMR as an illustrative example, and the motion is based on a well known rigid-link mechanism. The term "Wyrd mechanism" was coined by CMR students, and the word "wyrd" is ancestral to the modern "weird" (e.g. see Shakespeare's usage of wyrd in Macbeth).

If using a brittle filament, use the Elephant_3D Printed.stl file

If using flexible filaments, use the Elephant_FlexibleFilament.stl
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