BEN the floating BENCHMARK (Benchy) by Jordan_3dmod

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3D model of vandragon_de
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

So I love how many of us love the original benchy. The only thing I've always...Show more found a little pity it can't swim.

Since I have drawn a few ships so far, I just wanted to try to draw a small, floating benchmark boat. Of course, it's not seaworthy. I also wanted to stay very close to the printing time of the original.

Some of them I took over, others I replaced. If you want to test it yourself and of course I am happy about your results.

What I have to add to this, BEN swims only very barely but I was able to keep the print time close to the benchy.

Although it is a lot of fun to draw boats and bring them to life, it takes a lot of time to research and draw. Especially the 1:1000 scale models are very time-consuming.

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i3 MK2S


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