Chaos Transport Side Armour by Gabriel_3dde

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3D model of cornivius
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Here's my attempt at a chaos conversion kit for the Rhino chassis.

Originally, I...Show more wanted to do a full interchangeable Deimos pattern kit for both the Rhino and Predator, which is why the door is held in place with a peg. The release of the new Space Marine codex kinda took all motivation away from me tho, seeing how CSM were treated in their last codex in comparison, so I've since abandoned the project. For now I'll mark it a WIP since I may come back to it in the future.

The initial idea was to do several variations of the trim on the side panel so the vehicle is not symmetrical but this will have to do for now.

I've modeled the whole thing in sub assemblies to help fit the rhino model better even with some expansion. The secondary armor panel just fits over the primary one and the plastic kit so it shouldn't matter if it's not perfect to the 1/10 mm. The exhaust and their panels as well as the door peg have been made with a bit of margin as well to account for expansion.

I summary, this should all be print ready. I suggest printing the exhaust and exhaust armor in their natural position to better print the curved parts.
The armor panels and doors can be laid flat on the print bed.

I have also added a black door in case someone wants to add a different icon

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