Lost Wizard by Nelson_desig

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3D model of fabelzel
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

my name's Davide Tedeschi and I am a sculptor.
With some good and capable...Show more friends I am shaping a fantasy project called Fabelzel and now I' d like to share with you a little part of this effort. Don't know where this thing will end but I think it is a good idea to receive some feedback on the work. I think the wargame hobby in few years will move to a different direction of production (the home based one) and, although I will continue to sculpt in clay, I think that the best way to spread the passion for the hobby is to make it immortal. Immortal like a file, shared by many people :)
The first miniature I show you is the Wizard
Hope you like him as much as I do
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