Tricky Table Golf (TT Golf) Starter Set by Todd_M

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Forget Golf on the Computer or Game Console, this is the real deal! Play golf on...Show more your diner table. Train alone or compete with your friends, this is great fun and also makes for a great gift to others. So stop reading, start printing and work on your par! Great Fun for every age from 4 to 99

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This is the starter pack with a golfer and the putting green. I will add obstacles and some different golfer figures on a regular basis. So follow me or search for Tricky table golf to find new content for this funny game.

I recommend using a xxl mouse pad as a playfield, because the balls roll better on the Surface of the pad.

Assembly instructions:

Print all parts without supports, none needed! Easy to print.

Print all the parts for the golfer once, the connector file includes the three connectors.
You need two small round metall zylinders as a weight, 8mm diameter and 3mm high, I use small magnets which you can buy online. Magnets have the advantage that they hold together, but you can also cut a M8 screw to the right length.
Put the two metal parts in the round hole of the lever, put the golf club throug the round hole of the front part and put the lever on the zylinder of the Golf club. Then place the 3 connectors in the back part, place the pusher in the groove of the back part and clip both parts together. I would recommend to use some silicon spray on the pusher so that it will work more smootly. Print the balls (I recommend high quality or 0.1mm layers here) and start golfing!

The Finish has only two parts, the base and the green, The green is a flat file, I recommend to print it upside down if you have a glass printing bed, so you get a smooth surface.
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