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This is an add-on to the greatest helicopter toy I've ever played with: the UDI...Show more U816.

It comes with a 2.4ghz radio transmitter, and a decent one at that. 2 batteries, extra blades... but a flimsy plastic circuit cover.

The quadcopter itself is about 30g, and about 7 inches from tip to tip.

The printed frame in it's current form is about 15g -- the quadcopter has plenty of surplus thrust to carry it. The extra inertia is actually pretty useful for keeping control.

I was unable, however, to successfully print any of the blades that have been uploaded...

Print the full frame, if your build space is large enough.

Neither of my printers could fit, so I split it into quadrants.

Print 4 of the quadrants separately, no raft or support necessary.

Then flip them upside down and align the four quadrants together. Add acetone along the edges that come together. I used a pipet to dispense.

To attach to your helicopter, remove the original plastic UFO decal. There are 4 slots in the frame which will fit snuggly over the crossbars extending out to the motors.

You will probably have to re-trim (for some reason, especially about the yaw) because of minor changes to the balance.
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