Cloaker for 28mm tabletop gaming by delilah_3dst

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3D model of ajade
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

A Cloaker for 28 mm tabletop gaming and roleplaying. The mini is scaled to be a large...Show more creature in DnD terms.

Starting from this mini I will be creating 2 scales for my monstrous creatures: 28mm which will be scaled to be in scale where 28mm is 6 foot. And Heroic, where I've made the mini as big as possible without it needing a larger base size. Heroic should be better for details, but comes at the cost of more PLA use and longer print times. Use whichever size suits your needs best.

There are a lot of files to accommodate this being a multipart mini is 2 scales. If you want the 28mm scaled version then either print 28mm_cloaker (full mini on base, or 28mm_cloaker_nobase and LargeCreature_base). Or print it multipart with 1 tail (based or unbased) 1 body and, if you printed the headless body, a head. The heroic version is only available in this form (though it's 150% scale if you wanted to scale the 28mm nobase model up and print in 1 piece)

Painted examples were printed on and ender 3 and painted with Games Workshop paints. Both were printed as 3 part minis.
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