WW2 D-8 Armoured Bulldozer by Jerry_3d

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3D model of deweycat
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is a remix of ThatEmuGuy's excellent 3Dfile. I mixed it to make the print...Show more more robust,
Please note even though I thickened the exhaust stack, it still broke when I was cleaning the support material off. because of that I altered the files and created a 3mm wide recess in the hull and a separate exhaust stack. I substituted a piece of 3mm brass tubing to save my test print; that's what you see in the pic, but your file will have a better result.
Please note the tracks have the supports at the bottom; the exposed idler wheel are at the top. I created recesses to aid in assembly but these are purposely loose. I recommend the use ot epoxy for assembling these. As noted in the photo, I elevated the blade when assembling with some thin wood bits; I used CA glue to affix this; it will nestle into the support arms well.

I am not aware of this unit being represented in any Bolt Action theatre books but it deserves to be; you can still use it as a terrain piece on a beach landing in Western Europe or the Pacific, or use house rules, allowing it to clear obstacles, wire etc.
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