ww2 british bison armoured lorry 28mm by Jerry_3d

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The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is an original 3d file design, representing the British Bison Armoured...Show more Lorry.
These vehicles were an improvised "mobile bunker"; the one you often see a photo of is the one presently in the Bovington Tank Museum in the UK, but it is not an original; and there were multiple plans and trucks used to this end.
This model would be of interest to those playing the Bolt Action gaming system and the Sea Lion campaign.
The model has multiple parts; I tried to maximize the flat surfaces to minimize the need for supports. It can be printed at a faster setting as there was little detail; the vehicle is essentially rough concrete.
There are no doors evident because there were none; the front cab is accessed over the top; that is a tarp over the opening at the top of the cab. the rear fighting compartment was accessed through a hole in the floor.
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